Why I Am Blogging & Learn How to Make Money Online

Why Am I Blogging?

I have 2 Main reasons “Why I am blogging”

I will also begin sharing the EASY and SIMPLE to understand tips to Learn how to Learn to Make Money Online. I share the Extreme frustration with thousands of people who desire to make money online but don’t know WHO to TRUST, HOW MUCH to PAY etc…. Please Bookmark this site http://LittleLindaPinda.com to keep coming back for NEW Tips to Learn how to make money online.

How do you even get started in your new venture to making money online. I am going to share with you ideas and tips in where to start, what products would be helpful to a Newbie and hopefully SAVE you a lot of money. I have found it so frustrating trying to find the places that will simply teach you how to start making money online. I found most to be TOO EXPENSIVE and COMPLICATED. As this is a new site, I will be bringing you ideas and products that are My Favorite Products and Tips and hopefully you won’t waste as much money as I did on Over priced and over hyped sales people and motivational speakers, not teacher, types.
Please bookmark http://LittleLindaPinda.com to keep coming back for tips.

To be honest,

1. I started out on this venture to make some on-line income.

I was not looking to making thousands or millions of dollars per month as some Guru’s tell you they will do for you. I just wanted to learn how to make money online to supplement our income and grow a retirement income.

As evident above, I Advertise with “Google Adsense”. Google in itself is amazing. So far Google Adsense is my number one income. (UPDATE: I went in a whole different direction because I wasn’t making enough with Adsense for the time spent). It is a little income but not sure if it is worth the space on my blogs.

2. I feel like a have SOOOOOO Much really helpful information to share because of my years of Research and Experience.

I went through Health Issues and searched and searched for answers, thus the start of http://www.StopConstipation.Net. Sounds like that is all it is about but it REALLY turned out to be a site about general health. I think my prior nursing experience and interest in Health has given me some of the tools for this site. I actually started eating Whole Wheat Bread around 5 years old. My gramma, DEE DEE, served this to me and thus I served it to my kids.

Also, I found the web Reviews sooooooo very helpful when searching for products and even places to move to. I found forums where people were honest and there to just help. When I would visit a city in another state, I felt as though I already knew the area and there were no big surprises for me.

Reading reviews on one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite products, OLAY, led me to start http://www.OilofOlayRegeneristReviews.com Just from the research I did to prepare and launch this site, I found fabulous products to review and reading Olay’s customers reviews, helped me save a bunch of money to find the right product for me. I was trained and sold Skin Care Products, so this background was helpful too.

I started a few businesses that were making money in the very first year, even after all deductions were accounted for. I understand it takes 4 to 5 years to actually be in the black in a business. I started my first business at 29 years old.

Real Estate Success. In my first Fiscal year in Real Estate, I became the number one agent at my National company and made a six figure income.

How did I do this. By being completely Honest with my Clients/Customers, by working harder than most agents, by going above and beyond, Aggressive Marketing and last but not least, Staging their Homes for FREE. I felt they were paying me a lot of money to sell their home, I can put a lot of time and money into selling there home.

I feel I have so much to share, so I now started this new blog, http://www.LittleLindaPinda.com

Please come to visit and Bookmark into your Favorites as it is so new and I will keep building and adding information for you to glean.

I will keep you updated not only on Great Products but also on how my blogging to make money is going. So many people are trying to break into this business and it is harder than what people trying to sell their products will tell you. Also, I will give you hints that really helped me from a newbie point of view to hopefully save you from spending thousands of dollars with Gurus who give you a bunch of unrealistic hype just to make money. I will give you my honest view on blogging and the internet business along with easier tips to follow. So much of the advice on the internet was and still is over my head. I needed a full explanation.

I am so excited about starting this new Site with Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products because I know you will appreciate the searching and running around that I did to find these great products. My customers often take my advice because of the trust I built up with them by being competely honest with them. I promise to let you know what I really think and won’t just try to sell you something that I don’t believe in and love myself.

I hope to save you time and money by doing this and I do hope you will also purchase the items you love through my links to help me afford to keep bringing you these reviews and tips. I only make a tiny percentage and the best thing is, you don’t pay any more for the item by going through my links. Thank you so much for your business.

God Bless your new adventures in Life and Put your Customers First to Make your Business First.

Little Linda Pinda

PS. Here is how and why I got a very deep PAINFUL Fissure & of Coarse Hemorrhoids. I have a very high pain tolerance too. This is why I started http://www.StopConstipation.Net

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How do I Learn to Make Money Online in SIMPLE and EASY to Understand Terms. How do you even get started in your new venture to making money online. I am going to share with you ideas and tips in where to start, what products would be helpful to a Newbie and hopefully SAVE you a lot of money.

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