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Wusthof Knives are on Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products List because they are absolutely AWESOME. Read the many 5 STAR Reviews by clicking on the Links below. You will see why they are on My Favorite Products list.

are the BEST KNIVES I have ever owned or even tried. Because I am into Healthy Cooking and prepare a lot of Fresh Vegetabes and Fruits, a couple of years ago I finally got my first Wusthof Knife for Christmas. Actually, my husband thought he was doing the right thing by buying me a WHOLE set of less expensive knives. Afterall he must have thought why buy one knife when you can get a whole set of 6 knives for less money.

I took the set back and proceeded on my adventure to find a Great knife. You can buy more expensive knives than the Wusthof but after using this knife, I can’t image why you need a more expensive knife. I splurged and bought the paring knife within a couple of months. It cuts so smoothly and easily. In my twenties, I bought Chicago Cutlery and thought this was great but I just couldn’t ever get them sharp enough. It seemed as though I was always sharpening those knives.

We recently moved and lived in furnished condo for awhile and I was forced to use the knives provided. This may seem hard to believe, but, as much as I missed using so many of my different kitchen gadgets, appliances etc… the 2 things I missed having the most were my vacuum cleaner and my Wushoff Knives

I would almost cut myself using the dull cheap knives provided at the condo. I found myself not cooking as much and even having my husband do some cutting that I normally would do myself because I felt so clutsy with those cheaper knives. They looked good but boy were they crummy.

I can’t speak highly enough about these knives. This particular Wusthof Knife’s Handle was a bit more expensive but the curviture in my hand fit so nicely. I think this is very important especially if you are cutting a lot. It slips through meat incredibly and cuts right through Fruits and Vegetables. I also like the fact that the blade has the indentations so food doesn’t stick to it much.

Try it, you will LOVE them. If you can only buy 1 Knife, I would recommend the Wusthof. This is the one I started out with. It is a better value to buy the 5 inch Wusthof Knife along with the Wusthof Paring Knife
together but I started out with only one to see how I liked it. I do use the 7 inch knife a lot more than the paring knife anyways. If you don’t do a lot of cutting, go for the less expensive handle because you are still getting the great blade which is the most important part of the knife.

This size handle fits a womans hand nicely. If you have large hands, you may wish to purchase the 7 inch blade instead. I love the Contour of this Handle and the Balance of the Weight of this Wusthof Handle. The Retail Price on this Knife is $165.00 and as of today’s date, you can buy it for only $89.95. I say only because it is a 45% Savings off of retail and $30.00 less than I paid. I know this is expensive, but if it helps you to eat healthier, it is worth every penny.

Look below and I will provide you with more Wusthoff knife choices and the sharpener as well. I do recommend washing this by hand so the blade does not get knocked around by the other flatware and I did buy the inexpensive knife protector shown below along with the sharpener.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sharp, Balanced knife, June 5, 2010

(Fremont, CA USA)

Verified Purchase
Wusthof 4172 Classic Ikon

I got The Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku 5″ knife

after researching about the different tiers of models and their craftmanship. The Classic Ikon line I would consider Wusthof’s middle-of-the pack line of knives. Before I did my research, I have already purchased a set of Gourmet line knives (entry level). Let me tell you, The quality between the two lines is like night and day.
The balance, quality and ergonomic on the Classic Ikon santoku is amazing. Very light weight and cuts up vegetables and boneless meats with ease. I am a lefty in a world of righties, so this fits well on either hand. This fact (along with pricing) is a reason why Shun knives with their cool Demascus blade out of the equation: because of their special “D” handles makes them -handed specific…but I digress.
I am an amateur when it comes to cutlery and cooking, but when friends and family come over and help prepare the meal, I always get the “woah!” expression when they use this knife. It also helps that I have my set on a magnetic rack on the wall to showcase them. My sister was so impressed that I instantly knew what to get her for Christmas.
Keep in mind that when you do need to sharpen this knife, to do it with an Asian knife sharpener. It has a sharper angle than other knives like the Chef’s knife. I believe it’s 15 degrees for Asian knives like the santoku versus 20 degrees on the others like the Chef’s.
From an amateur’s perspective, this is the best knife I have ever used (except for the all-mighty butter knife!).

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