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Hi, I am Little Linda Pinda, Pro Designer at the world’s best print on demand company, Zazzle.  I create original personalized presents with your photo and or text. I specialize in Anniversary and Wedding gifts, many different personalized Sports Gifts for players, coaches and families, Pet gifts, Memorial presents to comfort your loved ones and much more.

Little Linda Pinda Designs

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CALL Zazzle Designer Linda to to make CHANGES or to assist you in customizing any of our gifts:  239-949-9090

I chose to become a designer at Zazzle after seeing them on the National News. I was so impressed by Zazzle’s commitment to Great Customer Service and Amazing Detailed Vibrant Robotic Printing machines.

How in the world did I come up with my company name, Little Linda Pinda?  When I was little, or should I say littler, my Gramma called me Little Linda Pinda and it stuck with me my entire life. I love it when my nieces and nephews call me Auntie Linda Pinda.

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I offer FREE Custom Design Service on thousands of customizable gifts at Zazzle. I place my designs on the merchandise that Zazzle offers. You will be purchasing through world renown Zazzle but feel free to CALL me, Linda, to change any parts of any of my custom designs. I can change anniversary and birthday celebration messages, dates, colors and place any of my designs on different products.

Because my Zazzle Store, Little Linda Pinda Designs has thousands of various designs and gifts, I’ve organized them via Celebration Types and Design Themes. Click on the Square Categories, sub Categories, Sub Sub Categories, to narrow you search or just CALL me, Little Linda Pinda, to help you find certain occasions and products.

Little Linda Pinda

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[email protected] Please type into your Subject Line; “CONTACT DESIGNER LINDA”  

Calling and Texting is Best and Fastest

Florida Christmas Cards

Florida Christmas Cards and Florida Ornaments are original designs by Little Linda Pinda. I live and love Florida. In 2010 we moved to Florida from Wisconsin.

The joy of living in paradise inspired me to create these really pretty and cheerful Florida Christmas Cards and Beach Ornaments. Some of the backgrounds are an actual photo that I took of a Florida Beach. I then digitally painted the cheery Palm Trees and created the Umbrella and Chairs and the cheerful bright sunshine.

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Type in YOUR CITY, STATE or NAME in the TEXT BOXES under the “Edit this design template” to the right of each Beach Christmas Card.

Zazzle offers the Best Personalized Christmas Cards. They use heavy paper stock, outstanding Crystal Clear Printing and Fast Service. This has earned them an A+ BBB, Better Business Bureau Rating and High Reviews from customers.

 Florida Christmas Cards

Naples Florida Christmas Cards

Personalize these
Florida Christmas Cards

Sanibel Island Florida Themed
Christmas Cards from Florida



Click on Naples Florida Christmas Card to take you to ALL of my Tropical Christmas Gifts

Many can be Personalized by You. Just Type in Your Message, Name, City or State in the Text Boxes that are located underneath the “Personalize it” area to your right of each product once you are at the product page on Zazzle.

Florida Christmas Card Personalize it Instructions photo FloridaChristmasCardPersonalizeittructions_zps1f91863b.png


Florida Ornaments.

Some of these have an actual photo of a Florida Beach with the Graphics and Painting Added. Be sure to look at the backside of the Florida Ornament. If it is customizable, you will see the TEXT Boxes under the “Personalize it” area. Just Type in YOUR MESSAGE or Words in the TEXT Boxes for really special Florida Christmas Gifts.

Florida Ornaments.
Florida and Merry Christmas
on Back

T Shirt Styled
Florida Ornament

Florida Christmas Ornaments








Original Design Beachy Clocks

Choose from Small Round, Large Round and Square Clock in the “Styles Options” area after Clicking on this Product. Affordable custom Tropical Themed Wall Clocks


Thank you so very much for shopping with Little Linda Pinda Designs and Florida Christmas Cards with matching and coordinating beach ornaments.  I am creating new designs for my Zazzle products nearly every day. Please visit my Zazzle Store and Bookmark it so you can return and see my newest designs. Little Linda Pinda Designs Please CLICK HERE and BOOKMARK for future visits

I hope these Florida Christmas Gifts will bring a smile to someone.



Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired

Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired and some can even be Personalized. High Quality Bicycle Customizable Low Vision Playing Cards. Plastic coating for longevity and Extra Large Print Playing Cards Macular Degeneration.  Personalized Playing Cards are fun to receive too. See my Instructions below or call Linda and I will do it for.  Sports Playing Cards too are very popular.  People also love Max the Gentle Giant Bullmastiff.

My Friend MAX the Gentle Giant Bullmastiff

These Customizable Low Vision Playing Cards by Bicycle are High Quality Deck of Cards and the Printing is Outstanding and detailed. See the large image below on How to Create Your Own Playing Cards Online with Instructions too. You can choose Regular Print or Personalized PHOTO Deck of Cards.

Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired

This one is the Largest Print.  Zazzle also offers a Jumbo print with Large characters but not nearly as big as these.  Choose from many fun styles.  See the INSTRUCTIONS on how to create Photo Personalized Playing Cards.  Great gifts for visually impaired.

Please Visit our Shop to see ALL of our Personalizable Gifts for the family.CLICK HERE


 photo 5deb9856-da9c-4f9a-9a8b-c7087d9f58ba_zpscd83aed3.jpg

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 Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired. Many are Personalized Playing Cards with YOUR TEXT and or YOUR PHOTO.



Below the “Personalize it” area to the right of the Personalized Playing Cards:

Type in Your Own TEXT into the Text Box Template which is within the “Personalize it” Section. 

Click the blue word “Change” located beneath my temporary image of my grandson. Then CLICK the Blue Button “Upload New Images” and then the White Button “Select Images to Upload”.  Pick out your best Photo from your personal computer.  Then CLICK “OK”.

See the Image below for Visual Instructions.  That always helps me.  If you would like me to do this for you, please Call Linda at: 239-949-9090.


 photo d74695fb-0692-4e6e-823d-24c35ab32caf_zps96283574.jpg

ADD Your PHOTO Deck of Cards

Once you are on the Jumbo Print Playing Cards, Click the tiny blue word “Change” and follow the prompts to Upload YOUR PHOTO. Imaging their smile when they see your cute photo and then notice how huge the playing cards are making it easier to play cards with their friends. These Low Vision Playing Cards by Bicycle are of the highest quality including plastic coating for durability. Zazzle’s products are ALL 100% Love it Guaranteed and Less than 1% of products are ever Returned to them. Quality Brand Name Products, Unsurpassed Printing and Fast Service make them the Best.
Jumbo Print Playing Cards.

Give a gift of fun for someone who is suffering from poor vision and who loves playing cards. Make it extra special with these “Personalizable Gifts”. Most of the Text on the Low Vision Playing Cards can be changed to Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma or their personal name.

Customizable TEXT instead of the “African Giraffe” Text

On a Trip to African, my brother took this photo of a beautiful young African Giraffe in the Wild gingerly grazing on a tree. I love this photo. Choose any style print too. Type in YOUR TEXT where you see the text box beneath “Personalize it” on the Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired product page.

Personalized Photo Deck of Cards with HUGE NUMBERS
Personalized Photo Deck of Cards with HUGE NUMBERS  with YOUR TEXT instead of “African Giraffe” if you wish.  Choose a smaller printed deck of cards.


Here is How to Design Your Own Playing Cards with YOUR PHOTO.

Once you are on the Playing Cards Website Page, Look to Your Right and you will see the “Personalize it” area. Under that, Click the tiny blue word, “Change” underneath my Temporary photo. Click, “Upload New Images” and or “Select Images to Upload” and then Choose Your Favorite Photo. Click “OK”

If you need to Re-Size or Move Your Photo, Click the Blue “Customize it” Button under the big playing cards image. Click Your Photo which is now on top of the Playing Cards and Drag it by the tiny gray boxes on the Dotted Lines. Call Linda if you need any help or would like to make changes to any of my designs.

Choose the Style of the Personalized Deck of Cards under the “Styles Options” area. I underlined the Large Print Playing Cards but you can choose any of these cool styles.





Pretty Playing Cards for Grandma with Jumbo Print

Monogrammed Low Vision Playing Cards Large Print Playing Cards
Type in your Monogram and Text in the TEXT BOXES under the “Personalize it” area. Great personlizable gifts.
You can choose your Style of the Low Vision Playing Cards by Bicycle in the “Style Options” area.
Type Your MONOGRAM or NAME in the TEXT BOX under the “Personalize it” it section.






Grandparents Low Vision Playing Cards with LARGE PRINT. Jumbo Print and E-Z SEE LoVision Deck of Cards
You can choose these same Deck of Card designs with a Regular Print or Fun Print. See “Style Options” to change the Style of Print.

These are great Personalized Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa who love to play cards and love to show off their family to the friends. If they have a difficult time seeing regular cards, be sure to choose the Large Print Playing Cards or the Low Vision Playing Cards.

Go to Little Linda Pinda's StoreIf you know someone who has difficulty seeing and love playing cards, these are great gifts for visually impaired and low vision. Personalized Playing Cards make them extra special.

Most of these Photographs on this page are Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired by Little Linda Pinda.  The Jumbo Print Grandma Cards are by another designer.  You will appreciate the Bicycle Playing Cards Quality and Zazzle’s amazingly vibrant printing technique. Beautiful.

Little Linda Pinda, LLC


[email protected]


Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired

Large Playing Cards for Visually Impaired

Call 239-949-9090

Large Print Playing Cards for Macular Degeneration.  You can change any cards to any of the available print styles including the E-Z See LoVision I featured or the Jumbo Large Print Cards or one of the many regular.

Once you are on the table { }td { padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 1px; padding-left: 1px; color: black; font-size: 12pt; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; text-decoration: none; font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; vertical-align: bottom; border: medium none; white-space: nowrap; }.xl63 { font-size: 24pt; }

Personalized Key Rings & Customized Keychains No Minimum

Personalized Key Rings make for Great Cheap Personalized Gifts for Everyone. See the Monogrammed Keychains for Men and Women.  Customized Photo Key Rings etc… Add your own Photo, Artwork or any Image or Special Message on many different Styles and Sizes of Customizable Keychains No Minimum Order and No Set Up Fees. Search Here ZAZZLE HERE:  See ALL of my designs and gifts CLICK HERE to SEARCH ZAZZLE for Special Gifts

Personalized Key Rings 

Photo Keychain Bulk

CLICK HERE see more Personalization Gifts

Add Your SQUARE Photo to these Cheap Photo Keychains with many 5 STAR Reviews. Crisp Detailed Printing Acrylic Photo Keychains in Bulk.  Order 1 or Order 10 or more to receive Bulk Discounts. CLICK the blue “Change” word under the temporary image, and Click the “Select 1 Image to Upload” and Choose your Square Photo (for these keyrings). Type in YOUR TEXT or Name.  What a fun and cheap personalized gifts.

Personalized Key Rings Bulk Discounts too yet No Minimum Required

100% Love it Guarantee with fast shipping.  I am amazed by Zazzle’s less than 1% of their items are ever returned. It is because of the great quality control. They carefully inspect every gift to make sure the design sits correctly on the product. Many of the gifts are made in America.  See the Better Business Bureau rating of A+ they gave Zazzle.

Customized Keychains No Minimum

 photo d46eaee5-7286-424f-aa01-e65839864108_zps51710507.jpg


Personalized Key Rings Bulk Order Discounts starting with only 10 Keychains Bulk Orders or more on the Cheap Acrylic Keychains.  The discounts increase to wholesale keychains priceing.

CLICK HERE for this Picture Keychains with Your PHOTO and MESSAGE

This is one of my more popular keychains because you can ADD YOUR PHOTO and YOUR TEXT.  I created a banner for your text so it would stand out from the photo and not be hidden by the many things in photos. A Square or Round image works best.  It will be much easier for you to crop your photo ahead of time.

Cheap Custom Keychains No Minimum

Why does Zazzle only have Less than 1% Return Rate. It is because of their Quality Products and Materials and Crystal Clear Printing and Attention to absolute Detail. This is another reason why they Earned a A+ Rating from the BBB. I love every product I bought from them. The products are much better than typical personalized gifts.

See How to Make Photo Keychains Detailed Instructions BELOW.

Go to the “Personalize it” area and Type in YOUR TEXT in the TEXT BOX

Personalized Key Rings

Remember when you used to have to pay a Set Up Fee and then a Minimum Order Requirement.  Not at Zazzle. You can buy just one of the super special Personalized Key Rings or Personalized Key Rings Bulk.  It is up to you. Businesses can give their customers gifts so individualized, they will remember you forever.


Personalized Photo Key Chain with INSTRUCTIONS
Personalized Photo Key Chain with INSTRUCTIONS by LittleLindaPinda
Look at Personalized photo Keychains online at


PICTURE KEYCHAINS. ADD YOUR PHOTO and or MESSAGE, NAME TEXT.  Cheap Customizable Keychains yet they are Quality products with Superior Printing. See How to Create Your Own Keychain Online.

Customizable Picture Keychains with Frame surrounding YOUR PHOTO & TEXT

Your Message and Photo Keychain

Personalized Photo Keychains for Men



Best Keychains for Men Type in YOUR MONOGRAM in the Text Box Templates

Monogrammed Keychains for Men.  I love the rich Brown Suede Like Background with a Handsome Frame setting off Monogram on Key Ring. Royal Blue Monogram Keychains Initials for Women. Choose Style and Size.  Shown are the Premium Silver Finish Keychains.

They come in round and square styles and small and large sizes.

Monogrammed Personalized Keychain for Men

Monogrammed Keychains for Men


How to Make Personalized Key Rings and Photo Keychains Online:

1. Once you Click on a Product, on the Zazzle Site, Go to the “Personalize it” area.

1. To ADD Your Own PHOTOS and IMAGES:

CLICK “Change” located under the Temporary IMAGE(S) Photo Here

“Upload New Image” and or “Select 1 image for upload” CLICK “OK”

* * * To RE-SIZE or MOVE Your Image, Click the ORANGE “Customize it” Button and Drag Photo or grab tiny gray boxes on dotted line to Re-Size.* * *

Highlight “YOUR TEXT HERE” and “Type in Your PHRASE or NAME or ???”. or simply CLICK the “X” near “Change text” to DELETE the TEXT altogether.

For MORE Customization Options:

* * * Click the BLUE “Customize it” Button (located below the product).* * *

CLICK ” f “ to choose a Different FONT STYLE. To Change the Font Color, CLICK on the Color Drop Down Box and Select a Color. You can change the Font SIZE too by entering Font Size Number or Click the ” + or – “

To Change the BACKGROUND COLOR. Click the “Edit” Drop Down Box and Select “Background” then choose a Color and Click DONE.

3. Below the Color & Style Options: Choose from many different styles of Customizable Keychains and Photo Key Rings.

If you need any Help Adding Your Photo and or Messages to ANY of my Zazzle products, feel free to Call Linda at 239-949-9090 or email, [email protected] Subject Line “ZAZZLE HELP” or CLICK the CONTACT BUTTONS.

Personalized Key Rings and Customizable Keychains are such special gifts yet they are very affordable. Look into free shipping with Zazzle Black. It only costs you $9.99 for a Full Year of Free Shipping. They will send your gifts directly to their home for your convenience. Zazzle notifies you by email about renewing your Free Shipping subscription.

f you don’t do anything, it will automatically renew, which is what I did.  My Zazzle free shipping paid for itself after only 2 orders.  I highly recommend this if you think you will be shopping at Zazzle at least twice a year.

I love how I can buy just a cheap personalized gifts and not worry about how much the shipping is.  I can have big or little gifts sent right to my grandchildren, my kids and my mom.  My mom also raves about Zazzle.

See this article she partially wrote about Personalized Photo Stamps being great gifts for grandmothers who have everything. Good Gifts for Grandmothers who have Everything/

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED. None of my family has ever had to return anything from Zazzle. It is a comfort knowing that we can if we want to. You should here the excitement when they open up their gifts. Most of the time I send it directly to their home because I can’t be there. This last Thanksgiving though I did get to see them. I smiled because they were so happy.


Personalized Key Rings designs by Little Linda Pinda

Search Here ZAZZLE HERE:


Personalized Keychains


Personalized Keychains

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I sang Daddys Hands for my Dad on Fathers Day in June of 2008. In December of that same year my dad passed away. I am so grateful that I didn’t put it off like I sometimes do.

Daddy’s Hands

Singing Daddys Hands for my Dad’s Fathers Day Presents. looking back at his reaction and joy, was the best Fathers Day Gift Idea I ever had. I’m just an ordinary singer and my dad loved it. It touched his heart. I never realized just how much singing Daddys Hand for my dad would mean to him.

See Below for Lots of Free and Loving Father s Day Gift Ideas for ALL your Fathers (Dad, Father-in-Law, Stepfather, Friend or Big Brother who Raised You, Uncle whoever that special Father in your life may be. They will LOVE these very special Fathers Day Presents because they come from your heart.



Father s Day Gift Ideas

That’s Love



Father s Day Gift Ideas

Best Fathers Day Presents



Call Dad

Write or Say “I love you dad”

Give Dad a Great Big Hug

Take a Hike on a Nature Trail

A Quiet Drive in the Country

Sing him a Song in Church, at home or record it on the computer

Write a Poem

Write a Song

Create a Story about Dad

Make a Video or Power Point Presentation with loving photos of all of you

Make a Scrap Book of family featuring Dad

Do a Chore before he ever gets up in the morning

Serve him Breakfast in Bed (for younger children, make sure mommy helps)

Tickle or Rub his feet – my dad loved this one

Make his Favorite Meal or Dessert

Make him a Homemade Card even if you are fifty years old, he will LOVE it

Draw a Picture of you and your dad doing something special and fun

Get your Dad to really Laugh, Loud and Hard. This is so good for both of you.

Brag about your Dad in front of someone

Watch a Movie on TV that he really likes, even if you don’t

Make a Homemade Gift Certificate of something special you will do for him in the future (use one of these ideas or come up with your own special Father s Day Gift Idea.

Love and Be Happy while you still have your Dad

Free and Loving Father s Day Gift Ideas for All your Dads in your Life! Great Birthday Gifts for Dad too!

The Best Fathers Day Presents are free and come from your heart.

The best Mothers Day Gift from my daughter was a letter she wrote about me and it was read in church. It was soooooo special, I will never forget it.



Father s Day Gift Ideas

Funny Dad




Squidoo is a wonderful community of writers sharing so much incredible information, recipes, life experiences. I love writing on Squidoo. Here are some articles I wrote on Squidoo. If you are a writer, photographer, tech geek, artist, you can create articles, make a little money and advertise your favorite products on Squidoo. Great layout and easy to create beautiful articles called lenses. Here are a few of my article.

To visit my Squidoo Articles (lenses)
Click on these LINKS

If you wish to buy a Fathers Day Present for your dad, here are some ideas.

I saw a newscast about Zazzle’s Quality and Customizable Products, T shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, just about anything you can think of. I will be creating my own special products soon but you can shop here to and see if there are any special Father Day Gift Ideas. But do remember, a gift doesn’t have to cost anything except your time and love.
Fathers Day 2






Stop Esophagus Spasms FAST and Naturally

How to Stop Esophagus Spasms Completely and Immediately.  My mom discovered this EASY Tip to get Esophagus Spasm Relief Naturally and Quickly.  She asked me to share this with you so you can STOP Esophageal Spasms or help someone else with this amazing tip.  They will thank you later. Many people wrote to me saying how incredibly grateful they are that my mom told them about this.

STOP ESOPHAGUS SPASMS Customizable Coffee Mug with YOUR TEXT

Keep this Message.  This Mug holds 16 ounces so you will have it handy if an attack comes on quickly.  Cold or Warm water works best to Stop Esophageal Spasm, not hot.

If you are Passionate about Spreading the Word about this very painful condition, this Mug will definitely get people’s attention. I created 7 Text Box Templates for You to Type in YOUR TEXT or fun Coffee Mugs with Names on Them. Personalized Travel Mugs with No Minimum Order or choose the smaller Ceramic Custom Printed Mugs.

About Linda’s Personalizable Gifts Shop

I hope you have time to visit my
CLICK HERE to Visit our Customizable Gifts Shop by Little Linda Pinda

You will love all the different gifts I’ve created for Personalized Sports Gifts for Coaches, Players, Teams and Personalized Photo Gifts with Your Text and so much more.

I am working hard to build my online gifts store business. Creating New Designs nearly daily. I design the gifts and world renown Zazzle Prints and Ships your gifts. BBB Rating of A+ 100% Guaranteed, Less than 1% Return Rate.

CLICK HERE to Visit our Customizable Gifts Shop by Little Linda Pinda Custom and Personalizable Gifts CLICK HERE


X-Ray of Esophageal Spasm in Progress

This is not a Cure for Esophageal Spasms but Get Relief (at the time of the Esophagus Spasms. You will be so Glad you read this article. Please, Please, Please, Even if you don’t suffer from Esophagus Spasm, please remember this tip to help your friends and family. My mom has helped so many people get immediate relief.

Esophagus Spasms

Esophagus Spasms X Ray from

X Ray by

How to Stop Esophagus Spasms FAST

See How My Mom Stops her Esophageal Spasm ( Esophagus Spasms ) Pain Immediately and Every time, the Natural Way. No medicine, no vitamins, no special foods. Simple Relief, Instantly. Do you think you maybe suffering from Esophageal Spasms? Please share this tip with your doctor. They can pass it on to their patients.

Esophagus Spasms

Esophageal Spasm by Mayo Clinic:
Symptoms of Esophageal Spasms:

* Intense, Painful squeezing pain in your chest that may feel like your having a heart attack

* You may have a Difficult Time Swallowing which is called “Dysphagia”

* Food or Liquid might come back up your Esophagus which is called “Regurgitation”

* It may feel as though something is stuck in Your Throat which is referred to as “Globus”

The Mayo Clinic recommends that you see your doctor if you have any symptoms that concern you. Because one of the possible symptoms of Esophageal Spasm is a Squeezing Pain a symptom that is also related to a Heart Attack so if you are experiencing Squeezing Chest Pain and you are unsure of what is causing your symptom, you need to seek Medical Attention immediately.


Make a Beautiful Custom Photo Calendar

Bulk prices begin with 2 Personalized Calendars.Amazing vibrant detailed robotic Custom Calendar Printing Bulk or Buy One. No minimum order is required and you will be surprised at the great prices for such fine 2015 annual calendars


Causes of Esophageal Spasms: The causes of Esophageal Spasm are not known at this time.A Normal and Healthy Esophagus will coordinate the esophageal muscles to move your food down to your stomach which is referred to as “Peristalsis”. When you are having Esophageal Spasm ( esophagus spasm ), this process is disrupted which makes it more difficult for the lower esophagus muscles to coordinate to move this food along down to your stomach.

There are 2 Types of Esophageal Spasms:
Diffuse Esophageal Spasm
This is often accompanied by regurgitation of food and liquids and it is more of an intermittent spasm.

Nutcracker Esophagus Spasm

The Nutcracker Esophageal Spasm is a strong painful spasm in the esophagus. People with this type of Esophagus Spasm are less likely to Regurgitate Liquids and Food.

What are some of the Risk Factors that increase your risk of getting Esophageal Spasm

Women tend to get esophagus spasms more frequently Stress and Anxiety can also contribute to Esophagus Spasm Consuming Hot of Cold Foods or Beverages “GERD” Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Heartburn Above information is From the The following is not Medical Advice nor am I a Medical Professional or a Doctor. This is one of my mom’s favorite Tips to Stop Esophageal Spasm ( esophagus spasm ).

Esophageal Spasm

IMMEDITATELY, she runs, not walks to the nearest Cold or Warm Water (NOT CARBONATED) and she Quickly DRINKS 16 to 20 ounces of Water either WITHOUT taking a breath or taking one little breath if necessary. As quickly as the Esophagus Spasm came on, that is how quick the Esophageal Spasms STOPS, dead in its tracks, IMMEDIATELY.

I remember being in the grocery store and my mom went up to the bakery department and asked them for a big glass of water.  They were so kind and brought if for her quickly.

She asked me to write about this because she has helped so many people who suffer from this painful condition. She used to suffer with this about 2 times a month for about 2 hours each time she had an Esophagus Spasm. Now, she knows to quickly drink the water, all at once without taking a breath is the trick (one little breath if necessary). My mom says she does not notice any difference if the water is cold or warm, just be sure not to drink carbonated water because that is too difficult to swallow quickly. We think the peristaltic action is possibly a massaging effect on the esophagus thus relaxing the muscle. Kind of like rubbing a charlie hoarse.

Her doctors did not know the cause or how to cure this condition. She no longer worries about it because she now knows how to stop the pain right away.

As I mentioned above, Esophagus Spasms can easily be confused with a heart attack, so please see a doctor if you are experiencing pain that could be confused with a Heart Attack. Esophagus Spasms can also lead to other esophageal problems so you want to nip it in the bud before issues progress too far. My mom has had to have her esophagus dialated a number of times and has difficulty swollowing certain types of food. I remember my grandmother telling us about the pain she was having from the Esophagus Spasms.

I hope this Esophageal Spasms Relief will help you or someone you love.  My mom is the smartest woman I know and at 83 years young, her inventive and creative mind never stops.  Thanks mom for telling people how you got relief from you Esophageal Spasms.


ACID REFLUX – Heartburn Cure
Click Here!
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CLICK HERE to Visit our Customizable Gifts Shop by Little Linda PindaI am creating New and Fun Customizable Gifts nearly every day.  I can make any changes for you on my designs or I can put the designs you see on other Zazzle merchandise.

For Healthy Eating Tips and More Recipes
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Gifts for Creative People .com

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Esophageal Spasms

Gifts for Creative People is my newest web site (a work in progress) featuring Customizable and Personalizable Gifts along with Artistic Electronic Tools for Creative People. Gifts for Creative by Little Linda Pinda CLICK HERE

Featuring Personalized Sports Gifts, Photo and Your Text Gift Ideas and so much more.

Esophageal Spasm

Esophageal Spasm Treatment

Click the Tiger to Visit my Website with Lots of Unique Personalizable Gifts Designed by me, Little Linda Pinda

Overview Article of a few of Linda’s Customizable Gifts CLICK HERE


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