Lambs Wool Roller Cover is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products

Lambs Wool Roller Cover is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products for Painting Your Home.

See Home Painting and Paint Rolling Tips Below along with where to purchase this and other of My Favorite Products for painting your home.

9 Inch – 1/2 inch Nap

The Lambs Wool Natural 9 inch Roller Cover is well worth paying a little extra for home painting. I am one of those who won’t bother to clean my Paint Roller because frankly they are cheaenough that it didn’t seem worth the time while I am so busy painting. By the time you are finally done painting, you sure don’t feel like cleaning your tools, let alone the paint roller cover.

Well, I have changed my mind FOREVER. I absolutely LOVE this Natural Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover.

Why is the Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover one of My Favorite Products

1. The smooth easier feel to rolling the paint. This is MY #1 reason for it being one of my favorite products
. I just loved the feel when I started rolling the paint on the wall right away.

2. It holds more paint.

3. Easier to Clean.

4. Last Longer. It just doesn’t seem to wear out. It stays beautiful, over and over again.

5. Saves money over the long run.

6. Paint covers the wall better. I believe the reason for this is because the roller seems to hold more paint than a synthetic roller.

7. It doesn’t SHED like some Synthetic Paint Roller Covers do. That is HUGE. How awful when you get these big ole clumps of fuzz on your wall. That really bothers me.
And Get a BEAUTIFUL Paint Job

Choosing the Right Nap. Personally, My favorite is the 1/2 Nap Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover for Smooth to Semi Smooth Walls. Being a woman, I also felt the 3/4 inch Nap held so much paint, that it became heavy feeling quicker because it holds even more paint and it took a bit more strength to roll the paint. When you are painting for many hours, this is something you want to consider. Just like when you are considering what size Paint brush you choose. The main consideration for the size Nap to choose is the roughness of the wall. You need the paint to soak into the wall for good coverage.

This Particular Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover is my Favorite Brand and Nap

9 Inch with 1/2 inch Nap Nice Size Nap for smooth to semi rough walls

9 Inch Paint Roller Cover with 3/4 inch Nap for Semi Rough to Rougher Walls

Here are some really valuable Tips when painting with my Favorite Products, such as the Lambs Wool Paint roller cover

Lightly wetten the Natural Lambs Wool Paint roller cover with water. This will help the paint to flow easier and more evenly.

Paint the Edges, Corners, Moldings FIRST and when possible, while paint is still wet, Carefully roll closely over the areas you just trimmed out with the Lambs Wool Paint roller (being careful not to touch the moldings or other walls etc…)

Then at an angled motion, roll the remainder of the wall, working in a 4 X 4 foot (or a little more if you work fast) making sure you cover the area evenly with paint and not missing any spots.

End with light vertical motion. Be sure you don’t have any thicker lines. I give if a really light up and down roll.

I bought mine at Home Depot but you can probably find them at Lowe’s, but call first, because this has been a few years since I purchased these Lambs Wool Paint Roller Covers. You will save time because it holds so much more paint.

Susie McEntire’s Gorgeous Christian Country Gospel Music is Reba McEntire’s Sister Little Linda Pinda’s on My Favorite Products

Susie McEntire’s Gorgeous Christian Country Gospel Music is Reba McEntire’s Sister is another one of
Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products

Listen to 1 of the Songs on

YouTube Video Below –

“You are the Calm at the Center of my Storm”

on the Album “No Limit”

Find more of Susie McEntires Songs Here:

One of my Favorite Products is this AWESOME Christian Country Gospel Artist – Susie McEntire (formerly Susie Luchsinger) – Reba McEntire’s Sister

I first Discovered the Beautiful Country Gospel Music of Susie when her name was Susie Luchsinger. In May 2008, she went through a divorce and changed her name back to Susie McEntire. She told her fans she filed the divorce after withstanding years of abuse. It hurt my heart to have heard she went through such touch times.

God has blessed Susie McEntire with an Incredible Voice, much like her Sister Reba. In my humble opinion, I think Susie is just as talented.

I am writing about Susie McEntire because I wonder how many people have had the awesome experience of either seeing her in a Live Concert, at the Cowboy Church or have listened to her CD’s.

You Tube Video of Susie Luchsinger McEntire –
Album No Limit
You are the Calm in the Center of My Storm

Susie is now married to Mark Eaton. You can see her at the Cowboy Church. Having been raised on a ranch in Oklahoma with her sister Reba and Alice and her brother Pake McEntire gave her the country roots for her music. She has been singing her entire life and her excitement for music is infectious and I find it uplifting and exciting as well.

When I sing her songs, my heart beats a bit faster and I feel the energy flowing. Sometimes I cry at the Lyrics while other times I feel the intense joy.

Susie has won numerous awards and nominations including GMA, CCMA, TNN and has been named “Christian Country Artist of the Year” many times. Susie McEntire has 4 number 1 Singles on the Positive Country Charts. She is more known for her genuine love for people, her dedication to the Lord and her faithfulness continuing to inspire people all over the country. Even someone from Wisconsin when country gospel didn’t even seem all that popular back when I discovered her awesome music.

Note from Little Linda Pinda – CD’s – MP3 – 1 Audio Cassette Find more once you click on the Links Below

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Husky Scraper Tool with Multi Functions is one of MyFavorite Products and Tips

HUSKY 14 in 1 Paint Scraper Tool is AWESOME! See why this is one of My Favorite Products and Tips.

Husky Scaper Tool with Multi Functions is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products

See why this Fabulous Home Remodeling Tool is a MUST HAVE!

My Favorite Products for Painting Mini Store is Below to help you choose which Painting Supplies to Choose

My Home Renovation Experience
Having Remodeled and Renovated Homes and Investment Properties for over 30 years now, I have discovered some Incredible Tools that I just LOVE. I feel that if I am going to save so much MONEY by doing the work myself, I am going to splurge and buy great tools to help me get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Well this tool is not a Splurge but WILL help you to get jobs done quicker and easier.

Husky is less than $6.00
Imagine this, such a simple tool is just one of my Many Favorite Products. Why, for as many reasons as it has uses. For many years, the Husky Scaper has been one of my Favorite Products – Tools but this year my mom, showed me another use for this tool that I never even realized. My mom is one of the smartest and most talented people you could ever meet but I’ll talk more about that later.

Husky Scaper Tool
This is a 14 in 1 super Handy tool that I use primarily while preparing for painting but lets look at some of the 14 Functions of this fabulous Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products. It is a Paint Can Opener, Chisle Scaper, Scraper,Roller Cleaner, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch Nut Wrench, Screw Driver, Nail Remover, all in 1 Handy Little Tough Steel Tool. Keep this one Handy, you will Love all the Functions.

Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite uses for this Product

1. The first reason this is one of my Favorite Products is because of the pointed sharp end. I can gauge out paint, caulk, gunk etc… with this point.

2. The sharp Scaper with a Chisel Edge. I love the beveled sharp edge to the scaper and the size is right for many jobs. I use it for spackling and scaping off the spackling to flatten and remove the excess. It helps me to remove excess grout, glue, caulk etc……….

3. I has 2 Hexagon shapes to tighten or remove Nuts, 1/4 Inch and 3/8 Inch. I actually never used this feature but it is there.

4. Flat Head and Phillips Screw Driver bit included. How handy is that?

5. Roller Cleaner. Now this is the feature my Mom taught me about on our last home renovation. Look at the curved edge. You just run this tool from the top of the paint roller to the bottom. Remove excess paint first and then proceed to wash out the roller with warm soap and water continuing to use the tool to remove paint and the soapy water until water runs clear. I then remove as much water from the paint roller as possible, shake the roller and set up to dry.

This will save you Money because a job I wouldn’t do anymore, cleaning my paint rollers, I now will clean them because of this tool. Also, I now treat myself to Natural Lambs Wool Paint Rollers, Awesome. I will write an article on this product later.

Where to Purchase: I purchased mine at my Local Home Depot in the Paint Department. I will continue to try to find it online to make it easier for you to order.

Let me know what other uses you could find with this great tool at Little Linda Pinda’s Email Address
[email protected]

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