Boo the Dog Calendar and Merchandise

Boo the Dog Calendar 2015 is now available and is, Oh incredibly Cute. I found adorable Boo the Dog Merchandise and Toys too (Scroll Down Below). What Type of Dog is Boo? Everyone loves cute doggies. Is Boo the Cutest Dog Ever? How Old is Boo? See this and more answers to these pressing questions here. 

 Boo the Dog quickly overtook many of the other World’s Cutest Dogs on Facebook and the Internet after his owner put his pictures on line. Boo the Dog has over Five Million Facebook Fans and is rising.

Make Your Own Calendar 2015

Custom Calendar Template for you to put YOUR PHOTOS of Your Kids, Grandchildren, Your Cutest Dog in the World or Your Fun Vacation Photos.  Everyone will get a big smile and a real joy everyday they look at the calendar you gave them for the best personalized Christmas gifts.

You just Click the tiny blue word “Change” to Upload YOUR PHOTOS for Every Month. Choose Small, Medium and Large Wall Calendars. Frame the Photos after the year is over because Zazzle is the absolute Best Photo Calendar Website because their printing is incredible.

I included INSTRUCTIONS on How to Make Photo Calendars. I love giving such Quality Gifts to my family and friends.

Your Pet Photo Stainless Steel Travel Mug or Keep Cute Little Billie Girl

Cute Puppy Watch or Add Your Photo


FACTS about BOO the DOG

Is Boo the Dog Real?

Believe it or not, Boo the Dog is real. You can see The Best of Boo the Dog Video, below. He sure doesn’t look real but he is.

What Type of Dog is Boo?  What Breed of Dog is Boo?

Boo is a Male Pomeranian Breed Dog.

Is Boo the Dog a Boy or a Girl?

Boo is a Cute Little Boy Dog.

How Old is Boo?

Born on May 11, 2009, he is 8 years old in 2014.



The Best of Boo the Dog by Boo the Dog Video


I do not personally know Boo the Dog and found this information here, who is not the owner of Boo the Dog.