Keeping CHRIST in Christmas and Keeping CHRISTMAS in Christmas

Keeping CHRIST in Christmas and Keeping CHRISTMAS in Christmas

Jesus is Born is MY FAVORITE

Jesus is Born - Keeping Christ in Christmas

I woke up this morning and felt inspired to write about this. I know it has been said many times and Thanks to Everyone who has been speaking up for the past decade or more, and letting it be known that we want to Keep Christ and Christmas in Christmas. Some of the stores are finally listening to us.

Pretty much my whole life I’ve heard people encouraging that we keep Christ in Christmas, but we also need to keep Christmas and Christmas. This has been a struggle for more than a decade.

Remember how people would write Xmas, oh how that bothered me. Well now, people are saying “Happy Holidays” and taking even CHRISTMAS out of CHRISTMAS. Please respond back with a Smile and a Kind “Merry Christmas”.

I’ll never forget the day (around 15 years ago) that for my daughter responded back to the clerk in the store “happy holidays”. This is what made me really aware of slowly but surely chipping away at Christmas being Christ’s birthday. Why in the world with people be picking up Christmas. We as Christians are celebrating Christ’s birthday.

Ever since then, I have made a point, when the clerk says “happy holidays”, I say “Merry Christmas”. When they say “Merry Christmas” to me, I make a point to thank them for saying “Merry Christmas”.

While watching Fox news this morning I just heard, that many of the stores I enjoy shopping at, such as Kohls, Best Buy, Walgreens, etc…are putting Christmas back in Christmas.

I just wanted say thank you to all the people who have stayed tenacious and shoot to our core beliefs for standing up for our beliefs.

We do need to spread the word we do need to teach her kids and we do need to keep Christ in Christmas and Christmas in Christmas.

God bless you and Merry Merry Christmas,

Little Linda Pinda

While Christmas Shopping, I noticed that the check out clerk at Kohls wished me “Happy Holidays” and 3 Clerks at Macys Wished me “Merry Christmas.” I don’t do a ton of Shopping at Christmas time so this is not a good representation, but I thought it a little strange that Kohls announced they are going to be saying “Merry Christmas.” and then didn’t, but then again, it is only 1 Clerk too. Send me your observations.