Lambs Wool Roller Cover is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products

Lambs Wool Roller Cover is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products for Painting Your Home.

See Home Painting and Paint Rolling Tips Below along with where to purchase this and other of My Favorite Products for painting your home.

9 Inch – 1/2 inch Nap

The Lambs Wool Natural 9 inch Roller Cover is well worth paying a little extra for home painting. I am one of those who won’t bother to clean my Paint Roller because frankly they are cheaenough that it didn’t seem worth the time while I am so busy painting. By the time you are finally done painting, you sure don’t feel like cleaning your tools, let alone the paint roller cover.

Well, I have changed my mind FOREVER. I absolutely LOVE this Natural Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover.

Why is the Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover one of My Favorite Products

1. The smooth easier feel to rolling the paint. This is MY #1 reason for it being one of my favorite products
. I just loved the feel when I started rolling the paint on the wall right away.

2. It holds more paint.

3. Easier to Clean.

4. Last Longer. It just doesn’t seem to wear out. It stays beautiful, over and over again.

5. Saves money over the long run.

6. Paint covers the wall better. I believe the reason for this is because the roller seems to hold more paint than a synthetic roller.

7. It doesn’t SHED like some Synthetic Paint Roller Covers do. That is HUGE. How awful when you get these big ole clumps of fuzz on your wall. That really bothers me.
And Get a BEAUTIFUL Paint Job

Choosing the Right Nap. Personally, My favorite is the 1/2 Nap Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover for Smooth to Semi Smooth Walls. Being a woman, I also felt the 3/4 inch Nap held so much paint, that it became heavy feeling quicker because it holds even more paint and it took a bit more strength to roll the paint. When you are painting for many hours, this is something you want to consider. Just like when you are considering what size Paint brush you choose. The main consideration for the size Nap to choose is the roughness of the wall. You need the paint to soak into the wall for good coverage.

This Particular Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover is my Favorite Brand and Nap

9 Inch with 1/2 inch Nap Nice Size Nap for smooth to semi rough walls

9 Inch Paint Roller Cover with 3/4 inch Nap for Semi Rough to Rougher Walls

Here are some really valuable Tips when painting with my Favorite Products, such as the Lambs Wool Paint roller cover

Lightly wetten the Natural Lambs Wool Paint roller cover with water. This will help the paint to flow easier and more evenly.

Paint the Edges, Corners, Moldings FIRST and when possible, while paint is still wet, Carefully roll closely over the areas you just trimmed out with the Lambs Wool Paint roller (being careful not to touch the moldings or other walls etc…)

Then at an angled motion, roll the remainder of the wall, working in a 4 X 4 foot (or a little more if you work fast) making sure you cover the area evenly with paint and not missing any spots.

End with light vertical motion. Be sure you don’t have any thicker lines. I give if a really light up and down roll.

I bought mine at Home Depot but you can probably find them at Lowe’s, but call first, because this has been a few years since I purchased these Lambs Wool Paint Roller Covers. You will save time because it holds so much more paint.

Susie McEntire’s Gorgeous Christian Country Gospel Music is Reba McEntire’s Sister Little Linda Pinda’s on My Favorite Products

Susie McEntire’s Gorgeous Christian Country Gospel Music is Reba McEntire’s Sister is another one of
Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products

Listen to 1 of the Songs on

YouTube Video Below –

“You are the Calm at the Center of my Storm”

on the Album “No Limit”

Find more of Susie McEntires Songs Here:

One of my Favorite Products is this AWESOME Christian Country Gospel Artist – Susie McEntire (formerly Susie Luchsinger) – Reba McEntire’s Sister

I first Discovered the Beautiful Country Gospel Music of Susie when her name was Susie Luchsinger. In May 2008, she went through a divorce and changed her name back to Susie McEntire. She told her fans she filed the divorce after withstanding years of abuse. It hurt my heart to have heard she went through such touch times.

God has blessed Susie McEntire with an Incredible Voice, much like her Sister Reba. In my humble opinion, I think Susie is just as talented.

I am writing about Susie McEntire because I wonder how many people have had the awesome experience of either seeing her in a Live Concert, at the Cowboy Church or have listened to her CD’s.

You Tube Video of Susie Luchsinger McEntire –
Album No Limit
You are the Calm in the Center of My Storm

Susie is now married to Mark Eaton. You can see her at the Cowboy Church. Having been raised on a ranch in Oklahoma with her sister Reba and Alice and her brother Pake McEntire gave her the country roots for her music. She has been singing her entire life and her excitement for music is infectious and I find it uplifting and exciting as well.

When I sing her songs, my heart beats a bit faster and I feel the energy flowing. Sometimes I cry at the Lyrics while other times I feel the intense joy.

Susie has won numerous awards and nominations including GMA, CCMA, TNN and has been named “Christian Country Artist of the Year” many times. Susie McEntire has 4 number 1 Singles on the Positive Country Charts. She is more known for her genuine love for people, her dedication to the Lord and her faithfulness continuing to inspire people all over the country. Even someone from Wisconsin when country gospel didn’t even seem all that popular back when I discovered her awesome music.

Note from Little Linda Pinda – CD’s – MP3 – 1 Audio Cassette Find more once you click on the Links Below

SMOOTHIE RECIPE: Sneaky Spinach Strawberry Mango Smoothhie is SOOOOO Delicious and Healthy. You and your kids will never even taste the 1 Cup of Fresh Leaf Spinach.

NOT Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products as a “Way to Make Money Online”

NOT Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products as a “Way to Make Money Online” – Learn How to Make Money Online

NOT Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Way to Make Money Online

Yes, I do make money if you click this ad here, but I am just not able to recommend this as one of my Favorite Products for the following reasons:

One of Little Linda Pinda’s “NOT” Favorite Products

Please Bookmark this site into your Favorites to keep coming back to see Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products.  If I can help you save money on just one product, it will be worth it.

See Host Gator Link Below to start your own Website or Blogging WordPress.

December 22, 2011 Update from Little Linda Pinda regarding Making Money with Surveys, reading emails, watching videos etc….

So I finally reached the $30.00 earnings to request my check after taking surveys, watching videos (which they ran out of videos for a large amount of the time that I was active) reading emails etc…. But, if I wanted requested my check at the $30.00 mark, I had to pay them $3.00 processing fee so I will net $27.00 and I will not be paid for One and a Half Months, wow, that seems really long.

This company offers to wave the $3.00 processing fee if I wait until I make $40.00 before requesting my pay check. Remember, you have to request your pay check with some companies. Google Adsense, they send you your check, direct deposit automatically when you have provided all the information they need.

I actually made more money for the same period of time than I did with Google Adsense but I just do not see a future doing surveys etc… as I do see with Google Adsense. I can see that my time being spent building up traffic will some day pay off. We need to be patient and tenacious. Most people quite Making Money Online because they don’t see the long term future and frankly, it is definitely more work and time than I ever imagined but I get to do it at my own pace and time frame.

I just think both of these methods take way too much time for the amount of money I made.

Making Money Online – Scam – Legitimate – or Waste of Time

There are perfectly Legitimate ways to Make Money Online and Scams. There are also Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online that are frankly a waste of time in my opinion.

Besides giving my opinions and sharing with you my Favorite Products, I will also help you trying to figure out if some products are worth it or not. Remember to mark this site into your Favorites. Yes this is a newer site than my others and there is not a lot of information yet but I will be bringing you more of my Favorite Products on a regular Basis.

As you know, I am on my venture of Blogging Online to help people and hoping to make a some money by advertising and eventually selling some of my Favorite Products.

Why ONLINE SURVEYS are NOT my Favorite Products to make money online

One thing I tried after reading reviews is Doing Surveys Online. I just DON”T think it is worth our valuable time. People will write ways to complete the surveys quickly and some of the advice I read, quite frankly, sounds dishonet. Some people are quickly finishing the surveys without giving an honest true opinion.

I just feel this is not right the way some people advocate just filling the surveys out quickly with no regard for their true opinions only how quick they can make money online. Companies are paying for true opinions to help them produce good products that people want and will use.

I will make money if you click the ad above and sign up and I will make money on a tiny portion of what you make so I guess in time, I or you could make decent money if you bring in enough people. It is not a way I want to make money online.

What also gets my goat is how I take the time to fill out some surveys and after they get a bunch of information from me, they say that I didn’t qualify to take their survey or even worse is when I spend an hour filling out page after page and then I don’t get paid because I see no way to complete the survey because so many windows pop up with advertising that they confuse me like crazy. I tried this twice and never again. I thought I did something wrong last time but it happened again even though I was careful. Was it me or the survey.

Is Making Money Online Legitimate or Not

Many companies are Legitimate, but as you will see in my Review, I think many are a Waste of Time. They take too long to do if you are being Honest. I think some of the illegitmacy of some of these come from the people filling out the surveys. As you will see, I don’t believe you can fill out a 20 minute survey in 5 minutes if you are being truthful. Read On.

The other problem I have with Surveys Online is that if you give true and real opinions and answers, it takes a long time for a small amount of money.

I do think the above company is Legitimate but boy what a little bit of money for the time I spend. Research it before you sign up and you decide. I did a lot of research and reviews but all of the reviews were positive because they are making money if you sign up. I am not willing to Recommend a product that I don’t believe just to make money.

Little Linda Pinda’s Own Personal Experience and Conclusion of Online Survey Companies as a Way to Make Money Online:
Waste of valuable time. Too little money for too much time.

Please bookmark this site and keep coming back to get my tips to Learn to Make Money Online. I will let you know the SIMPLE and EASY learning tools to Make Money Online.

Also, some get all sorts of information from me and then finally announce, You don’t fit the Survey Criteria. That really bothers me. I am taking my important time and they did get information from me and then tell me I don’t fit what they are looking for.

Product Testing- They may offer $30.00 for testing a produt. By the time You pay for the product (maybe $20.00, you really only made $10.00. Now is this a monthly service. Do you have to remember to cancel. Boy, I just don’t want to have to remember to cancel that. Is it right to sign up for something you have no intention to use.

Bottom Line, I just don’t think they are worth it.

When I did sign up to try the one that was recommended, they are now putting ads on my Facebook Account. Yes I make money if people sign up but I don’t want to lead people in the wrong direction.
I feel that some people recommending these products are leading you to sign up just so they make money and not because they believe in the product or as mentioned, they make their money by not following the rules.

I also don’t care for taking my time to start filling out the survey questions just to find out that I don’t qualify to finish it. They just took 5 minutes of my precious time to tell me I can’t even make 50 cents.

So many people are trying to sell you products to make money online. How can you tell the scammers from the legitimate ones. I do a lot of research to help me tell the scammers from the real true good companies and even Bloggers.

I will keep you informed on what products I do think are worth it.

Little Linda Pinda’s conclusion:

I just don’t believe many people make $15.00 per hour, without spending money or signing up for lots of companies to send them emails after emails. Doing a typical survey on a survey site I tried, tells you it takes 10, 20 or even 30 minutes to fill the survey out for often times 50 cents. I timed myself and this is about accurate. Many times they throw so many offers at you, popping up a new window to accept or skip that you don’t even know if you finished the survey or not.


An easy way that seems more reliabe is Search for Cash box. You actually get paid to do an internet search using their search box. It is only pennies but it is quick and more reliable. Watching 15 to 30 second commercials is also a quick way to make, only 2 cents mind you, but quick. It does add up.

Do I recommend signing up for Survey Sites as a way to make money. NO! Too much time and NOT enough money.

I hope this helps because most of the reviews I read seem to be people just promoting it so they make money. Yes, I will promote products to make money, but I am going to believe in them or tell you if it sounds good but I haven’t tried it myself.

Good Luck finding your way around Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.

Here is one of the REALLY Great Companies. They are very inexpensive and their Support is Awesome. They even helped me with issues that have nothing to do with their product. Now, I can’t say every person that happens to answer the phone that day is willing but I have gotten incredible help from their Support Team.

Remember, Honesty is ALWAYS the Best Policy. Honesty will keep people coming back to you for advice instead of all the other guys out there just trying to make a quick buck.

See More of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products Here:

Click here if you would like to try your hand at having a site online or even a wordpress blog.

I went through HostGator for my Blogs. It was on a recommendation and I am very glad I listened to this recommendation. I bought the very inexpensive Baby Plan.

You can also get Web Sites through them. You will really appreciate the Service, especially if you tried other hosting companies. When I was brand new to Blogging and Setting up WordPress, I really needed the EXTRA ABOVE AND BEYONE help that I was given.

Here is one of Little Linda Pinda’s FAVORITE PRODUCTS – Awesome Company – Great for Beginners and Experienced Internet Blogger, Web Site Builders etc…

I did not read this book but I know the “For Dummies” Books have helped many people make complicated subjects easier.
Little Linda Pinda

Also come and Visit http://www.StopConstipation.Net for Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes and Learn how to eat to Stop Constipation and Lose Weight and Get Healthier.

WUSTHOF – The BEST KNIVES EVER by Little Linda Pinda

Wusthof Knives are on Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products List because they are absolutely AWESOME. Read the many 5 STAR Reviews by clicking on the Links below. You will see why they are on My Favorite Products list.

are the BEST KNIVES I have ever owned or even tried. Because I am into Healthy Cooking and prepare a lot of Fresh Vegetabes and Fruits, a couple of years ago I finally got my first Wusthof Knife for Christmas. Actually, my husband thought he was doing the right thing by buying me a WHOLE set of less expensive knives. Afterall he must have thought why buy one knife when you can get a whole set of 6 knives for less money.

I took the set back and proceeded on my adventure to find a Great knife. You can buy more expensive knives than the Wusthof but after using this knife, I can’t image why you need a more expensive knife. I splurged and bought the paring knife within a couple of months. It cuts so smoothly and easily. In my twenties, I bought Chicago Cutlery and thought this was great but I just couldn’t ever get them sharp enough. It seemed as though I was always sharpening those knives.

We recently moved and lived in furnished condo for awhile and I was forced to use the knives provided. This may seem hard to believe, but, as much as I missed using so many of my different kitchen gadgets, appliances etc… the 2 things I missed having the most were my vacuum cleaner and my Wushoff Knives

I would almost cut myself using the dull cheap knives provided at the condo. I found myself not cooking as much and even having my husband do some cutting that I normally would do myself because I felt so clutsy with those cheaper knives. They looked good but boy were they crummy.

I can’t speak highly enough about these knives. This particular Wusthof Knife’s Handle was a bit more expensive but the curviture in my hand fit so nicely. I think this is very important especially if you are cutting a lot. It slips through meat incredibly and cuts right through Fruits and Vegetables. I also like the fact that the blade has the indentations so food doesn’t stick to it much.

Try it, you will LOVE them. If you can only buy 1 Knife, I would recommend the Wusthof. This is the one I started out with. It is a better value to buy the 5 inch Wusthof Knife along with the Wusthof Paring Knife
together but I started out with only one to see how I liked it. I do use the 7 inch knife a lot more than the paring knife anyways. If you don’t do a lot of cutting, go for the less expensive handle because you are still getting the great blade which is the most important part of the knife.

This size handle fits a womans hand nicely. If you have large hands, you may wish to purchase the 7 inch blade instead. I love the Contour of this Handle and the Balance of the Weight of this Wusthof Handle. The Retail Price on this Knife is $165.00 and as of today’s date, you can buy it for only $89.95. I say only because it is a 45% Savings off of retail and $30.00 less than I paid. I know this is expensive, but if it helps you to eat healthier, it is worth every penny.

Look below and I will provide you with more Wusthoff knife choices and the sharpener as well. I do recommend washing this by hand so the blade does not get knocked around by the other flatware and I did buy the inexpensive knife protector shown below along with the sharpener.

See just one of the 5 STAR Reviews. ALL 27 people as of today’s date RATED this particular WUSTHOF Knife 5 STARS

ALL reviews on this Wusthof Knife are 5’s and are verified buyers.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Sharp, Balanced knife, June 5, 2010

(Fremont, CA USA)

Verified Purchase
Wusthof 4172 Classic Ikon

I got The Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku 5″ knife

after researching about the different tiers of models and their craftmanship. The Classic Ikon line I would consider Wusthof’s middle-of-the pack line of knives. Before I did my research, I have already purchased a set of Gourmet line knives (entry level). Let me tell you, The quality between the two lines is like night and day.
The balance, quality and ergonomic on the Classic Ikon santoku is amazing. Very light weight and cuts up vegetables and boneless meats with ease. I am a lefty in a world of righties, so this fits well on either hand. This fact (along with pricing) is a reason why Shun knives with their cool Demascus blade out of the equation: because of their special “D” handles makes them -handed specific…but I digress.
I am an amateur when it comes to cutlery and cooking, but when friends and family come over and help prepare the meal, I always get the “woah!” expression when they use this knife. It also helps that I have my set on a magnetic rack on the wall to showcase them. My sister was so impressed that I instantly knew what to get her for Christmas.
Keep in mind that when you do need to sharpen this knife, to do it with an Asian knife sharpener. It has a sharper angle than other knives like the Chef’s knife. I believe it’s 15 degrees for Asian knives like the santoku versus 20 degrees on the others like the Chef’s.
From an amateur’s perspective, this is the best knife I have ever used (except for the all-mighty butter knife!).

To see some of my Favorite Products such as home remodeling tools, kitchen gadgets, home staging and selling tips etc…

Healthy Recipes for Smoothies, Salads and lots of advice to Eat Healthier and Stop Constipation and Lose Weight

Why I Am Blogging & Learn How to Make Money Online

Why Am I Blogging?

I have 2 Main reasons “Why I am blogging”

I will also begin sharing the EASY and SIMPLE to understand tips to Learn how to Learn to Make Money Online. I share the Extreme frustration with thousands of people who desire to make money online but don’t know WHO to TRUST, HOW MUCH to PAY etc…. Please Bookmark this site to keep coming back for NEW Tips to Learn how to make money online.

How do you even get started in your new venture to making money online. I am going to share with you ideas and tips in where to start, what products would be helpful to a Newbie and hopefully SAVE you a lot of money. I have found it so frustrating trying to find the places that will simply teach you how to start making money online. I found most to be TOO EXPENSIVE and COMPLICATED. As this is a new site, I will be bringing you ideas and products that are My Favorite Products and Tips and hopefully you won’t waste as much money as I did on Over priced and over hyped sales people and motivational speakers, not teacher, types.
Please bookmark to keep coming back for tips.

To be honest,

1. I started out on this venture to make some on-line income.

I was not looking to making thousands or millions of dollars per month as some Guru’s tell you they will do for you. I just wanted to learn how to make money online to supplement our income and grow a retirement income.

As evident above, I Advertise with “Google Adsense”. Google in itself is amazing. So far Google Adsense is my number one income. (UPDATE: I went in a whole different direction because I wasn’t making enough with Adsense for the time spent). It is a little income but not sure if it is worth the space on my blogs.

2. I feel like a have SOOOOOO Much really helpful information to share because of my years of Research and Experience.

I went through Health Issues and searched and searched for answers, thus the start of http://www.StopConstipation.Net. Sounds like that is all it is about but it REALLY turned out to be a site about general health. I think my prior nursing experience and interest in Health has given me some of the tools for this site. I actually started eating Whole Wheat Bread around 5 years old. My gramma, DEE DEE, served this to me and thus I served it to my kids.

Also, I found the web Reviews sooooooo very helpful when searching for products and even places to move to. I found forums where people were honest and there to just help. When I would visit a city in another state, I felt as though I already knew the area and there were no big surprises for me.

Reading reviews on one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite products, OLAY, led me to start Just from the research I did to prepare and launch this site, I found fabulous products to review and reading Olay’s customers reviews, helped me save a bunch of money to find the right product for me. I was trained and sold Skin Care Products, so this background was helpful too.

I started a few businesses that were making money in the very first year, even after all deductions were accounted for. I understand it takes 4 to 5 years to actually be in the black in a business. I started my first business at 29 years old.

Real Estate Success. In my first Fiscal year in Real Estate, I became the number one agent at my National company and made a six figure income.

How did I do this. By being completely Honest with my Clients/Customers, by working harder than most agents, by going above and beyond, Aggressive Marketing and last but not least, Staging their Homes for FREE. I felt they were paying me a lot of money to sell their home, I can put a lot of time and money into selling there home.

I feel I have so much to share, so I now started this new blog,

Please come to visit and Bookmark into your Favorites as it is so new and I will keep building and adding information for you to glean.

I will keep you updated not only on Great Products but also on how my blogging to make money is going. So many people are trying to break into this business and it is harder than what people trying to sell their products will tell you. Also, I will give you hints that really helped me from a newbie point of view to hopefully save you from spending thousands of dollars with Gurus who give you a bunch of unrealistic hype just to make money. I will give you my honest view on blogging and the internet business along with easier tips to follow. So much of the advice on the internet was and still is over my head. I needed a full explanation.

I am so excited about starting this new Site with Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products because I know you will appreciate the searching and running around that I did to find these great products. My customers often take my advice because of the trust I built up with them by being competely honest with them. I promise to let you know what I really think and won’t just try to sell you something that I don’t believe in and love myself.

I hope to save you time and money by doing this and I do hope you will also purchase the items you love through my links to help me afford to keep bringing you these reviews and tips. I only make a tiny percentage and the best thing is, you don’t pay any more for the item by going through my links. Thank you so much for your business.

God Bless your new adventures in Life and Put your Customers First to Make your Business First.

Little Linda Pinda

PS. Here is how and why I got a very deep PAINFUL Fissure & of Coarse Hemorrhoids. I have a very high pain tolerance too. This is why I started http://www.StopConstipation.Net

Part 1 My Story on the Worst Constipation of my Life with Remedies for Constipation – Stop Constipation .Net

Part 2 on My Story of the Worst Constipation of My Life on Stop Constipation .NET

Part 3 of The Worst Constipation of My Life Causing a Deep Fissure – Stop Constipation .net

Part 4 of The Worst Constipation of My Life and The Absolute Best Constipation Remedies that I found – Stop Constipation .NET
How do I Learn to Make Money Online in SIMPLE and EASY to Understand Terms. How do you even get started in your new venture to making money online. I am going to share with you ideas and tips in where to start, what products would be helpful to a Newbie and hopefully SAVE you a lot of money.