Quality and Pure Vitamins – Vitamin B12 for Energy and Vitamin D3 – the Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin B12 for Energy and Vitamin D3 – the Sunshine Vitamin are a couple of my favorite.

I was so excited when I found that I can not only buy these vitamins for myself but I also can offer them to you. I have been purchasing some of these Quality Vitamins from my Chiropractor and a high quality Nutritionalist who both told me that I would not be able to purchase these vitamins directly as I needed to be a qualified nutritionalist or health care provider.

The ratings are VERY High. As you know, I like to read and present reviews because this has helped me to find quality products.

Ask your Doctor how much Vitamin D3 you need. Many more physicians are recommending higher amounts of vitamin D3 – “the Sunshine Vitamin” as one doctor referred to it. Even living in Florida, my doctor is still recommending that I up my dosage to raise my Vitamin D level.

As you know, I really love the Liquid Vitamins as I can tell they absorb much better in my system. I searched for years to find a great B Complex and B12 Vitamin and found the liquid and powder forms made me feel better and gave me great blood test results. Now, I have not taken the liquid Vitamin D3 yet because I stocked up on them from my Chiropractor, but I will definitely let you know what I think of the Liquid Vitamin D3 and the which brand of the Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B Complex I like the best.

I get very excited when I find the “BEST Vitamins” because I know how they have helped me sooooooo very much.

PureFormulas.com-Pure Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! 300x250 banner

I also love how easy it is to search for the products on this site. The site is not fancy but it is simple.

Near the upper right, look for a simple search box. I put in “Liquid Vitamin D3″ or Liquid B12” and you will get many results. If you prefer a certain brand you can search for “Thorne B12.”


PureFormulas.com-Quality Health Supplements-Thorne, Metagenics, Biotics and More at Competitive Prices and Free Shipping! Click here!

I Absolutely Love my Sonicare Toothbrush. I Have Exceedingly Healthy Gums.

Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder


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Jesus was Humiliated, Suffered and Died for YOU

While observing Communion Today and thanking Jesus for giving of His Body and His Blood for My Sins, for the first time, during communion, I started thinking about how they tried to also Humilate Jesus.

Head of Christ, circa 1890

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Humiliation and Cruelty on the Internet

This made me think about people on the internet humiliating each other “Anonymously”. This humiliation sometimes leads toward really hurt feelings and sometimes even suicide. My mom used to always tell me, feel sad for the person who is being cruel and mean to you because you don’t know what terrible thing they have been through. This helps me. Take your hurt feeling to God. Feel His Great Big Arms all around you with a Love greater than anything on this earth.

I have been reading and writing about Seasonal Affective Disorder recently and I see peoples unkind and hurtful comments regarding SAD. It is such a misunderstood illness. While people are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, they are far more sensitive to hurtful words and actions.

Jesus Suffered Humiliation and Pain for You

Jesus endured unimaginable suffering, humilation and pain, just for me and just for you. When praying or thanking God for giving us His only Son, personalize it because you know what, He would have gone through ALL of this JUST FOR YOU and YOU ALONE.

Thank You Lord!!!

Be Kind, Even on the Internet

Please be kind to one another, in person and on the internet. Pretend you are right there with them when you are making comments. I see the internet as a way to help people, not hurt them. Think about how you would feel.

God Bless You and Thank you again for allowing me to say what is on my heart,
Little Linda Pinda

Lord's Prayer

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If you or someone you knows suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder, please visit my site at

Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder .Org – ONLY Medically Approved Full Spectrum Light on the Market.

Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder .Org – My Favorite Products and Tips

Such a misunderstood health issue. People don’t understand or worse yet, don’t even believe there is such a medical issue as Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder. I have suffered with this for many years and I hope my tips will help you deal with this awful condition otherwise known by some as Seasonal Affective Depression, Affective Depression, or a really bad case of Winter Blues.

The SAD Light Therapy Box I bought was over $200.00 and didn’t help me much. I did notice some help with my smaller light for SAD but not enough. I found out later that I have an illness that makes my SAD even worse so that could be the reason it didn’t help much. It could possibly have saved me so much Despair of dealing with everything that comes along with Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder. I am so impressed with the many Video Testimonials from people that were helped with this SAD Light Therapy Box that got help with their Seasonal Depression and all the Medical Doctors that recommend this particular Light for SAD, Seasonal Affective Depression, as some will call it.

After all, it is usually recommended that you do your SAD Light Therapy Daily. I started off with 15 minutes per day, and worked my way up to 1 hour per day. I have heard some recommend 2 Hours per day. I was so extremely weak that I did my SAD Light Therapy in Bed in Morning Laying Down because I was just too weak to get up and sit by the Light for 1 Hour.

Sometimes I brought my Full Spectrum Light Box and put it by my computer and sat at the computer for hours searching for Hope and Help for my Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is why I am starting a NEW Web Site

Learning the Web Site Business is new for me so I am a bit slow with it but I LOVE sharing Tips and Ideas of what helped me with different issues and problems. I sincerely hope that this SAD Light Therapy Box helps you. Please, Please send me your reviews on details of How this Light Box helped you or not.

Hopefully you will get wonderful results. The way I have always been looking at my Seasonal Affective Disorder is that if I even only get a certain percentage better, I am happy for the help. I try to go in any new therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder with a positive attitude that I will get help but not with unrealistic expectations because in the past I was devastated when I expected more than I received. This SAD Light Therapy looks very Hopeful and Helpful to me.

I am not a medical professional. I am sharing information on My Favorite Products and Tips that helped me or new innovative products that may help you too. Please see your doctor for advice and to find out if your are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder. I would recommend finding a doctor who is receptive and understanding about Seasonal Affective Depression because not all doctors are. I sure found that out. That is a whole subject in itself how so many people just don’t understand how devastating Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder is in our lives.

SAD Disorder – Seasonal Affective Disorder

For Healthy Eating Tips and to Stop Constipation, which Seasonal Affective Depression can cause, please visit my other site at:
I have a Healthy Eating Plan that helped me to LOSE 20 Pounds, even in the dreaded Winter months. A better plan than eating all the Carbohydrates that we crave when suffering from SAD Disorder. Yummy Smoothies, Salad Recipes etc…. too.


Keeping CHRIST in Christmas and Keeping CHRISTMAS in Christmas

Keeping CHRIST in Christmas and Keeping CHRISTMAS in Christmas

Jesus is Born is MY FAVORITE

Jesus is Born - Keeping Christ in Christmas

I woke up this morning and felt inspired to write about this. I know it has been said many times and Thanks to Everyone who has been speaking up for the past decade or more, and letting it be known that we want to Keep Christ and Christmas in Christmas. Some of the stores are finally listening to us.

Pretty much my whole life I’ve heard people encouraging that we keep Christ in Christmas, but we also need to keep Christmas and Christmas. This has been a struggle for more than a decade.

Remember how people would write Xmas, oh how that bothered me. Well now, people are saying “Happy Holidays” and taking even CHRISTMAS out of CHRISTMAS. Please respond back with a Smile and a Kind “Merry Christmas”.

I’ll never forget the day (around 15 years ago) that for my daughter responded back to the clerk in the store “happy holidays”. This is what made me really aware of slowly but surely chipping away at Christmas being Christ’s birthday. Why in the world with people be picking up Christmas. We as Christians are celebrating Christ’s birthday.

Ever since then, I have made a point, when the clerk says “happy holidays”, I say “Merry Christmas”. When they say “Merry Christmas” to me, I make a point to thank them for saying “Merry Christmas”.

While watching Fox news this morning I just heard, that many of the stores I enjoy shopping at, such as Kohls, Best Buy, Walgreens, etc…are putting Christmas back in Christmas.

I just wanted say thank you to all the people who have stayed tenacious and shoot to our core beliefs for standing up for our beliefs.

We do need to spread the word we do need to teach her kids and we do need to keep Christ in Christmas and Christmas in Christmas.

God bless you and Merry Merry Christmas,

Little Linda Pinda

While Christmas Shopping, I noticed that the check out clerk at Kohls wished me “Happy Holidays” and 3 Clerks at Macys Wished me “Merry Christmas.” I don’t do a ton of Shopping at Christmas time so this is not a good representation, but I thought it a little strange that Kohls announced they are going to be saying “Merry Christmas.” and then didn’t, but then again, it is only 1 Clerk too. Send me your observations.

Stop Esophagus Spasms FAST and Naturally

How to Stop Esophagus Spasms Completely and Immediately.  My mom discovered this EASY Tip to get Esophagus Spasm Relief Naturally and Quickly.  She asked me to share this with you so you can STOP Esophageal Spasms or help someone else with this amazing tip.  They will thank you later. Many people wrote to me saying how incredibly grateful they are that my mom told them about this.

STOP ESOPHAGUS SPASMS Customizable Coffee Mug with YOUR TEXT

Keep this Message.  This Mug holds 16 ounces so you will have it handy if an attack comes on quickly.  Cold or Warm water works best to Stop Esophageal Spasm, not hot.

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X-Ray of Esophageal Spasm in Progress

This is not a Cure for Esophageal Spasms but Get Relief (at the time of the Esophagus Spasms. You will be so Glad you read this article. Please, Please, Please, Even if you don’t suffer from Esophagus Spasm, please remember this tip to help your friends and family. My mom has helped so many people get immediate relief.

Esophagus Spasms

Esophagus Spasms X Ray from ajronline.org

X Ray by ajronline.org

How to Stop Esophagus Spasms FAST

See How My Mom Stops her Esophageal Spasm ( Esophagus Spasms ) Pain Immediately and Every time, the Natural Way. No medicine, no vitamins, no special foods. Simple Relief, Instantly. Do you think you maybe suffering from Esophageal Spasms? Please share this tip with your doctor. They can pass it on to their patients.

Esophagus Spasms

Esophageal Spasm by Mayo Clinic:
Symptoms of Esophageal Spasms:

* Intense, Painful squeezing pain in your chest that may feel like your having a heart attack

* You may have a Difficult Time Swallowing which is called “Dysphagia”

* Food or Liquid might come back up your Esophagus which is called “Regurgitation”

* It may feel as though something is stuck in Your Throat which is referred to as “Globus”

The Mayo Clinic recommends that you see your doctor if you have any symptoms that concern you. Because one of the possible symptoms of Esophageal Spasm is a Squeezing Pain a symptom that is also related to a Heart Attack so if you are experiencing Squeezing Chest Pain and you are unsure of what is causing your symptom, you need to seek Medical Attention immediately.


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Causes of Esophageal Spasms: The causes of Esophageal Spasm are not known at this time.A Normal and Healthy Esophagus will coordinate the esophageal muscles to move your food down to your stomach which is referred to as “Peristalsis”. When you are having Esophageal Spasm ( esophagus spasm ), this process is disrupted which makes it more difficult for the lower esophagus muscles to coordinate to move this food along down to your stomach.

There are 2 Types of Esophageal Spasms:
Diffuse Esophageal Spasm
This is often accompanied by regurgitation of food and liquids and it is more of an intermittent spasm.

Nutcracker Esophagus Spasm

The Nutcracker Esophageal Spasm is a strong painful spasm in the esophagus. People with this type of Esophagus Spasm are less likely to Regurgitate Liquids and Food.

What are some of the Risk Factors that increase your risk of getting Esophageal Spasm

Women tend to get esophagus spasms more frequently Stress and Anxiety can also contribute to Esophagus Spasm Consuming Hot of Cold Foods or Beverages “GERD” Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Heartburn Above information is From the MayoClinic.com The following is not Medical Advice nor am I a Medical Professional or a Doctor. This is one of my mom’s favorite Tips to Stop Esophageal Spasm ( esophagus spasm ).

Esophageal Spasm

IMMEDITATELY, she runs, not walks to the nearest Cold or Warm Water (NOT CARBONATED) and she Quickly DRINKS 16 to 20 ounces of Water either WITHOUT taking a breath or taking one little breath if necessary. As quickly as the Esophagus Spasm came on, that is how quick the Esophageal Spasms STOPS, dead in its tracks, IMMEDIATELY.

I remember being in the grocery store and my mom went up to the bakery department and asked them for a big glass of water.  They were so kind and brought if for her quickly.

She asked me to write about this because she has helped so many people who suffer from this painful condition. She used to suffer with this about 2 times a month for about 2 hours each time she had an Esophagus Spasm. Now, she knows to quickly drink the water, all at once without taking a breath is the trick (one little breath if necessary). My mom says she does not notice any difference if the water is cold or warm, just be sure not to drink carbonated water because that is too difficult to swallow quickly. We think the peristaltic action is possibly a massaging effect on the esophagus thus relaxing the muscle. Kind of like rubbing a charlie hoarse.

Her doctors did not know the cause or how to cure this condition. She no longer worries about it because she now knows how to stop the pain right away.

As I mentioned above, Esophagus Spasms can easily be confused with a heart attack, so please see a doctor if you are experiencing pain that could be confused with a Heart Attack. Esophagus Spasms can also lead to other esophageal problems so you want to nip it in the bud before issues progress too far. My mom has had to have her esophagus dialated a number of times and has difficulty swollowing certain types of food. I remember my grandmother telling us about the pain she was having from the Esophagus Spasms.

I hope this Esophageal Spasms Relief will help you or someone you love.  My mom is the smartest woman I know and at 83 years young, her inventive and creative mind never stops.  Thanks mom for telling people how you got relief from you Esophageal Spasms.


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Esophageal Spasms

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Esophageal Spasm

Esophageal Spasm Treatment

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