NOT Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products as a “Way to Make Money Online”

NOT Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products as a “Way to Make Money Online” – Learn How to Make Money Online

NOT Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Way to Make Money Online

Yes, I do make money if you click this ad here, but I am just not able to recommend this as one of my Favorite Products for the following reasons:

One of Little Linda Pinda’s “NOT” Favorite Products

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December 22, 2011 Update from Little Linda Pinda regarding Making Money with Surveys, reading emails, watching videos etc….

So I finally reached the $30.00 earnings to request my check after taking surveys, watching videos (which they ran out of videos for a large amount of the time that I was active) reading emails etc…. But, if I wanted requested my check at the $30.00 mark, I had to pay them $3.00 processing fee so I will net $27.00 and I will not be paid for One and a Half Months, wow, that seems really long.

This company offers to wave the $3.00 processing fee if I wait until I make $40.00 before requesting my pay check. Remember, you have to request your pay check with some companies. Google Adsense, they send you your check, direct deposit automatically when you have provided all the information they need.

I actually made more money for the same period of time than I did with Google Adsense but I just do not see a future doing surveys etc… as I do see with Google Adsense. I can see that my time being spent building up traffic will some day pay off. We need to be patient and tenacious. Most people quite Making Money Online because they don’t see the long term future and frankly, it is definitely more work and time than I ever imagined but I get to do it at my own pace and time frame.

I just think both of these methods take way too much time for the amount of money I made.

Making Money Online – Scam – Legitimate – or Waste of Time

There are perfectly Legitimate ways to Make Money Online and Scams. There are also Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online that are frankly a waste of time in my opinion.

Besides giving my opinions and sharing with you my Favorite Products, I will also help you trying to figure out if some products are worth it or not. Remember to mark this site into your Favorites. Yes this is a newer site than my others and there is not a lot of information yet but I will be bringing you more of my Favorite Products on a regular Basis.

As you know, I am on my venture of Blogging Online to help people and hoping to make a some money by advertising and eventually selling some of my Favorite Products.

Why ONLINE SURVEYS are NOT my Favorite Products to make money online

One thing I tried after reading reviews is Doing Surveys Online. I just DON”T think it is worth our valuable time. People will write ways to complete the surveys quickly and some of the advice I read, quite frankly, sounds dishonet. Some people are quickly finishing the surveys without giving an honest true opinion.

I just feel this is not right the way some people advocate just filling the surveys out quickly with no regard for their true opinions only how quick they can make money online. Companies are paying for true opinions to help them produce good products that people want and will use.

I will make money if you click the ad above and sign up and I will make money on a tiny portion of what you make so I guess in time, I or you could make decent money if you bring in enough people. It is not a way I want to make money online.

What also gets my goat is how I take the time to fill out some surveys and after they get a bunch of information from me, they say that I didn’t qualify to take their survey or even worse is when I spend an hour filling out page after page and then I don’t get paid because I see no way to complete the survey because so many windows pop up with advertising that they confuse me like crazy. I tried this twice and never again. I thought I did something wrong last time but it happened again even though I was careful. Was it me or the survey.

Is Making Money Online Legitimate or Not

Many companies are Legitimate, but as you will see in my Review, I think many are a Waste of Time. They take too long to do if you are being Honest. I think some of the illegitmacy of some of these come from the people filling out the surveys. As you will see, I don’t believe you can fill out a 20 minute survey in 5 minutes if you are being truthful. Read On.

The other problem I have with Surveys Online is that if you give true and real opinions and answers, it takes a long time for a small amount of money.

I do think the above company is Legitimate but boy what a little bit of money for the time I spend. Research it before you sign up and you decide. I did a lot of research and reviews but all of the reviews were positive because they are making money if you sign up. I am not willing to Recommend a product that I don’t believe just to make money.

Little Linda Pinda’s Own Personal Experience and Conclusion of Online Survey Companies as a Way to Make Money Online:
Waste of valuable time. Too little money for too much time.

Please bookmark this site and keep coming back to get my tips to Learn to Make Money Online. I will let you know the SIMPLE and EASY learning tools to Make Money Online.

Also, some get all sorts of information from me and then finally announce, You don’t fit the Survey Criteria. That really bothers me. I am taking my important time and they did get information from me and then tell me I don’t fit what they are looking for.

Product Testing- They may offer $30.00 for testing a produt. By the time You pay for the product (maybe $20.00, you really only made $10.00. Now is this a monthly service. Do you have to remember to cancel. Boy, I just don’t want to have to remember to cancel that. Is it right to sign up for something you have no intention to use.

Bottom Line, I just don’t think they are worth it.

When I did sign up to try the one that was recommended, they are now putting ads on my Facebook Account. Yes I make money if people sign up but I don’t want to lead people in the wrong direction.
I feel that some people recommending these products are leading you to sign up just so they make money and not because they believe in the product or as mentioned, they make their money by not following the rules.

I also don’t care for taking my time to start filling out the survey questions just to find out that I don’t qualify to finish it. They just took 5 minutes of my precious time to tell me I can’t even make 50 cents.

So many people are trying to sell you products to make money online. How can you tell the scammers from the legitimate ones. I do a lot of research to help me tell the scammers from the real true good companies and even Bloggers.

I will keep you informed on what products I do think are worth it.

Little Linda Pinda’s conclusion:

I just don’t believe many people make $15.00 per hour, without spending money or signing up for lots of companies to send them emails after emails. Doing a typical survey on a survey site I tried, tells you it takes 10, 20 or even 30 minutes to fill the survey out for often times 50 cents. I timed myself and this is about accurate. Many times they throw so many offers at you, popping up a new window to accept or skip that you don’t even know if you finished the survey or not.


An easy way that seems more reliabe is Search for Cash box. You actually get paid to do an internet search using their search box. It is only pennies but it is quick and more reliable. Watching 15 to 30 second commercials is also a quick way to make, only 2 cents mind you, but quick. It does add up.

Do I recommend signing up for Survey Sites as a way to make money. NO! Too much time and NOT enough money.

I hope this helps because most of the reviews I read seem to be people just promoting it so they make money. Yes, I will promote products to make money, but I am going to believe in them or tell you if it sounds good but I haven’t tried it myself.

Good Luck finding your way around Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.

Here is one of the REALLY Great Companies. They are very inexpensive and their Support is Awesome. They even helped me with issues that have nothing to do with their product. Now, I can’t say every person that happens to answer the phone that day is willing but I have gotten incredible help from their Support Team.

Remember, Honesty is ALWAYS the Best Policy. Honesty will keep people coming back to you for advice instead of all the other guys out there just trying to make a quick buck.

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I did not read this book but I know the “For Dummies” Books have helped many people make complicated subjects easier.
Little Linda Pinda

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