Lambs Wool Roller Cover is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products

Lambs Wool Roller Cover is one of Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Products for Painting Your Home.

See Home Painting and Paint Rolling Tips Below along with where to purchase this and other of My Favorite Products for painting your home.

9 Inch – 1/2 inch Nap

The Lambs Wool Natural 9 inch Roller Cover is well worth paying a little extra for home painting. I am one of those who won’t bother to clean my Paint Roller because frankly they are cheaenough that it didn’t seem worth the time while I am so busy painting. By the time you are finally done painting, you sure don’t feel like cleaning your tools, let alone the paint roller cover.

Well, I have changed my mind FOREVER. I absolutely LOVE this Natural Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover.

Why is the Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover one of My Favorite Products

1. The smooth easier feel to rolling the paint. This is MY #1 reason for it being one of my favorite products
. I just loved the feel when I started rolling the paint on the wall right away.

2. It holds more paint.

3. Easier to Clean.

4. Last Longer. It just doesn’t seem to wear out. It stays beautiful, over and over again.

5. Saves money over the long run.

6. Paint covers the wall better. I believe the reason for this is because the roller seems to hold more paint than a synthetic roller.

7. It doesn’t SHED like some Synthetic Paint Roller Covers do. That is HUGE. How awful when you get these big ole clumps of fuzz on your wall. That really bothers me.
And Get a BEAUTIFUL Paint Job

Choosing the Right Nap. Personally, My favorite is the 1/2 Nap Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover for Smooth to Semi Smooth Walls. Being a woman, I also felt the 3/4 inch Nap held so much paint, that it became heavy feeling quicker because it holds even more paint and it took a bit more strength to roll the paint. When you are painting for many hours, this is something you want to consider. Just like when you are considering what size Paint brush you choose. The main consideration for the size Nap to choose is the roughness of the wall. You need the paint to soak into the wall for good coverage.

This Particular Lambs Wool Paint Roller Cover is my Favorite Brand and Nap

9 Inch with 1/2 inch Nap Nice Size Nap for smooth to semi rough walls

9 Inch Paint Roller Cover with 3/4 inch Nap for Semi Rough to Rougher Walls

Here are some really valuable Tips when painting with my Favorite Products, such as the Lambs Wool Paint roller cover

Lightly wetten the Natural Lambs Wool Paint roller cover with water. This will help the paint to flow easier and more evenly.

Paint the Edges, Corners, Moldings FIRST and when possible, while paint is still wet, Carefully roll closely over the areas you just trimmed out with the Lambs Wool Paint roller (being careful not to touch the moldings or other walls etc…)

Then at an angled motion, roll the remainder of the wall, working in a 4 X 4 foot (or a little more if you work fast) making sure you cover the area evenly with paint and not missing any spots.

End with light vertical motion. Be sure you don’t have any thicker lines. I give if a really light up and down roll.

I bought mine at Home Depot but you can probably find them at Lowe’s, but call first, because this has been a few years since I purchased these Lambs Wool Paint Roller Covers. You will save time because it holds so much more paint.

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