Jesus was Humiliated, Suffered and Died for YOU

While observing Communion Today and thanking Jesus for giving of His Body and His Blood for My Sins, for the first time, during communion, I started thinking about how they tried to also Humilate Jesus.

Head of Christ, circa 1890

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Humiliation and Cruelty on the Internet

This made me think about people on the internet humiliating each other “Anonymously”. This humiliation sometimes leads toward really hurt feelings and sometimes even suicide. My mom used to always tell me, feel sad for the person who is being cruel and mean to you because you don’t know what terrible thing they have been through. This helps me. Take your hurt feeling to God. Feel His Great Big Arms all around you with a Love greater than anything on this earth.

I have been reading and writing about Seasonal Affective Disorder recently and I see peoples unkind and hurtful comments regarding SAD. It is such a misunderstood illness. While people are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, they are far more sensitive to hurtful words and actions.

Jesus Suffered Humiliation and Pain for You

Jesus endured unimaginable suffering, humilation and pain, just for me and just for you. When praying or thanking God for giving us His only Son, personalize it because you know what, He would have gone through ALL of this JUST FOR YOU and YOU ALONE.

Thank You Lord!!!

Be Kind, Even on the Internet

Please be kind to one another, in person and on the internet. Pretend you are right there with them when you are making comments. I see the internet as a way to help people, not hurt them. Think about how you would feel.

God Bless You and Thank you again for allowing me to say what is on my heart,
Little Linda Pinda

Lord's Prayer

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If you or someone you knows suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder, please visit my site at

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