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Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder .Org – My Favorite Products and Tips

Such a misunderstood health issue. People don’t understand or worse yet, don’t even believe there is such a medical issue as Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder. I have suffered with this for many years and I hope my tips will help you deal with this awful condition otherwise known by some as Seasonal Affective Depression, Affective Depression, or a really bad case of Winter Blues.

The SAD Light Therapy Box I bought was over $200.00 and didn’t help me much. I did notice some help with my smaller light for SAD but not enough. I found out later that I have an illness that makes my SAD even worse so that could be the reason it didn’t help much. It could possibly have saved me so much Despair of dealing with everything that comes along with Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder. I am so impressed with the many Video Testimonials from people that were helped with this SAD Light Therapy Box that got help with their Seasonal Depression and all the Medical Doctors that recommend this particular Light for SAD, Seasonal Affective Depression, as some will call it.

After all, it is usually recommended that you do your SAD Light Therapy Daily. I started off with 15 minutes per day, and worked my way up to 1 hour per day. I have heard some recommend 2 Hours per day. I was so extremely weak that I did my SAD Light Therapy in Bed in Morning Laying Down because I was just too weak to get up and sit by the Light for 1 Hour.

Sometimes I brought my Full Spectrum Light Box and put it by my computer and sat at the computer for hours searching for Hope and Help for my Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is why I am starting a NEW Web Site

Learning the Web Site Business is new for me so I am a bit slow with it but I LOVE sharing Tips and Ideas of what helped me with different issues and problems. I sincerely hope that this SAD Light Therapy Box helps you. Please, Please send me your reviews on details of How this Light Box helped you or not.

Hopefully you will get wonderful results. The way I have always been looking at my Seasonal Affective Disorder is that if I even only get a certain percentage better, I am happy for the help. I try to go in any new therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder with a positive attitude that I will get help but not with unrealistic expectations because in the past I was devastated when I expected more than I received. This SAD Light Therapy looks very Hopeful and Helpful to me.

I am not a medical professional. I am sharing information on My Favorite Products and Tips that helped me or new innovative products that may help you too. Please see your doctor for advice and to find out if your are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder. I would recommend finding a doctor who is receptive and understanding about Seasonal Affective Depression because not all doctors are. I sure found that out. That is a whole subject in itself how so many people just don’t understand how devastating Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder is in our lives.

SAD Disorder – Seasonal Affective Disorder

For Healthy Eating Tips and to Stop Constipation, which Seasonal Affective Depression can cause, please visit my other site at:
I have a Healthy Eating Plan that helped me to LOSE 20 Pounds, even in the dreaded Winter months. A better plan than eating all the Carbohydrates that we crave when suffering from SAD Disorder. Yummy Smoothies, Salad Recipes etc…. too.


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