Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I sang Daddys Hands for my Dad on Fathers Day in June of 2008. In December of that same year my dad passed away. I am so grateful that I didn’t put it off like I sometimes do.

Daddy’s Hands

Singing Daddys Hands for my Dad’s Fathers Day Presents. looking back at his reaction and joy, was the best Fathers Day Gift Idea I ever had. I’m just an ordinary singer and my dad loved it. It touched his heart. I never realized just how much singing Daddys Hand for my dad would mean to him.

See Below for Lots of Free and Loving Father s Day Gift Ideas for ALL your Fathers (Dad, Father-in-Law, Stepfather, Friend or Big Brother who Raised You, Uncle whoever that special Father in your life may be. They will LOVE these very special Fathers Day Presents because they come from your heart.



Father s Day Gift Ideas

That’s Love



Father s Day Gift Ideas

Best Fathers Day Presents



Call Dad

Write or Say “I love you dad”

Give Dad a Great Big Hug

Take a Hike on a Nature Trail

A Quiet Drive in the Country

Sing him a Song in Church, at home or record it on the computer

Write a Poem

Write a Song

Create a Story about Dad

Make a Video or Power Point Presentation with loving photos of all of you

Make a Scrap Book of family featuring Dad

Do a Chore before he ever gets up in the morning

Serve him Breakfast in Bed (for younger children, make sure mommy helps)

Tickle or Rub his feet – my dad loved this one

Make his Favorite Meal or Dessert

Make him a Homemade Card even if you are fifty years old, he will LOVE it

Draw a Picture of you and your dad doing something special and fun

Get your Dad to really Laugh, Loud and Hard. This is so good for both of you.

Brag about your Dad in front of someone

Watch a Movie on TV that he really likes, even if you don’t

Make a Homemade Gift Certificate of something special you will do for him in the future (use one of these ideas or come up with your own special Father s Day Gift Idea.

Love and Be Happy while you still have your Dad

Free and Loving Father s Day Gift Ideas for All your Dads in your Life! Great Birthday Gifts for Dad too!

The Best Fathers Day Presents are free and come from your heart.

The best Mothers Day Gift from my daughter was a letter she wrote about me and it was read in church. It was soooooo special, I will never forget it.



Father s Day Gift Ideas

Funny Dad




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If you wish to buy a Fathers Day Present for your dad, here are some ideas.

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Fathers Day 2






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